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"The details are not the details.
They make the design"

- Charles Eames - 

Our  Story

With the tender selection of Thai silk and traditional Thai fabrics, which are wildly known how fascinating with the way of piece-by-piece hand-weaving and their personal motif by local wisdom from generation to generation, together with the intense experience of our skilled craftsmen, Croat and Than was created.

We work on delivering the premium handcrafted necktie, scarf, and other accessories for your gentle look.

Not only quality, but also environment caring you can touch as our products are all made of

natural material and process. This reflects the long history of Thai craftsmanship as well since the era

without machinery. Moreover, providing local encouragement and inheritance of this valuable culture

are essential matter inside you can take part in. 

Feel  effortless and sophisticated.


makes it more special

Because our selected silk & fabric

are traditionally woven by craftsmen

in local areas of Thailand, each piece certainly has their own texture and details. You will absolutely get your own specialty from our product.

Thank you for letting us be yours.

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